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Marilyn Geary

2014 Oct Day 14 Paracas to Ayacucho

South America
The Americas

We left the coast and the Hotel Condor to go inland toward Ayacucho, where we will be staying for 10 days visiting artisan workshops.


We stopped at a very tiny market along the way to buy some snacks.



At another town we stopped to use the restroom at a hotel. I went into this church while waiting for the others, and found it was built on a foundation of Inca stone.



It was a sweet little town with very friendly people. Here this woman stands in front of some more golden chickens.


More election advertising although the elections are now over.


These wonderful elders sitting in the town square called me a gringa. I offered them some cake, and we made good friends.


The name of that town is Huaytará and it is located in the department of Huancavelica.


The scenery crossing the Andes to Ayacucho is absolutely stunning with colors of all tints and tones covering the slopes and fields.

Alpaca and sheep, vicuña and llamas, all munch on the grasses in this high plain area,


Finally in Ayacucho after 8 hours of intensely curvy roads, we settled in to our hotel called Via Via and had dinner at their restaurant. This is a quinoa and chicken dish, good enough, it I could only finish half.

Tomorrow we meet Massimo and begin our adventures with him and his artisan friends.


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