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Marilyn Geary

2014 Oct Day 16 Ayacucho

South America
The Americas

Today we visited several workshops, the first being a master alabaster carver who showed us his tools and his process.

His wife paints his sculptures and the little objects he makes for the market.

He was very sweet and low-key, even though he is a master sculptor with international renown.


Next we visited a weaving and embroidering studio, owned by this man whose first name is Jesus. He is making pieces with very colorful and creative designs which we all loved.

The only IMF ortunate part was getting there….up and down challenging dirt steps.

Next we visited another alabaster workshop. This woman is the mother of six sons, two of whom have taken up sculpting,

Danni on the left is 16 years old, on the right is Samual, who is 36 years old.
The family left the high Andes and moved to Ayacucho when the violence started in the 1990s. The family had no means of support but the oldest son found alabaster in a small area on the hills near their living place. He taught himself to,carve and now is attending the school of fine arts.


The only problem with this visit was the fleas that wouldn’t stop eating my legs. It’s a guess where they came from: the cats, the chickens, the mangy dogs or the guinea pigs…they are being fattened for a dinner to come.


Finally we visited an embroiderer who uses designs from early Wari culture in contemporary pieces. This is Massimo modeling one of the colorful hats.


Tomorrow we’re leaving the city for a town called Quinoa, about two hours away, to visit a potter.











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