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Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Africa, Ethiopia, Journal | 0 comments

2015 Feb Day 20 Arbore Village

2015 Feb Day 20 Arbore Village


We are returning north up the Rift Valley. We visit a Arbore Village on the way. Ethiopia has at least 80 distinct tribes with differing cultures and languages. It is sandy and hot, with the sand full of thorns.


Women carry heavy loads. You do not find men doing this work.



We drive through the Konso area of terraced hills and thatched huts.



It is a UNESCO Cultural Landscape site and some of the most beautiful terrain we’ve seen in Ethiopia.
We pass a crowded market. The enormous bags are filled wih sorghum.


The intense heat has let up. We’re back in the region where bananas are grown.


Ethiopians aren’t big on sweets. Bananas or mangos serve as dessert most meals. Much as I liked visiting the tribes of the Omo Valley, I’m glad to be back where the temperature is tolerable with some moisture in the air. Tomorrow we continue north, with one more village visit.


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