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Journeys Illuminating the Old Ways

Marilyn Geary

2015 Feb Day 21 Arbore Village and Awasa


We head back north passing through a village populated by Arbore people. These people are Muslims who decorate their houses with painted images depicting the history of their family.




The women here dress much like those in India with head shawls and long skirts. We give away used clothing to these villagers.


On the way we pass a market for quat, a leaf that is chewed as a stimulant. The quat is wrapped on false banana leaves and sold on big packets by the roadside


We pass through the Awasa village on the way to the lodge. The people in Awasa make baskets. Tomorrow I hope to see the baskets being made.

At dusk we sit out on a plateau and watch a coffee ceremony. It takes a least half an hour for the beans to be roasted, ground, and boiled. Meanwhile a man feeds the vultures who swoop down to grap pieces of meat and bread.



The staff person also throws out meat for the hyenas, who roam the forest area around the lodge. We are lucky to see three of them just as it get dark coming out of the forest to grab the meat.


Things are winding down. I have a terrible cold and hope I can recover before the big plane trip back.






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