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Marilyn Geary

2015 Feb Day 23 Awasa fish market and Addis


Back on the road heading north, we pass a truckload of camel.

We stop at the university town of Awasa to visit the fish market.
Fishermen bring in their catch along the shore.
The fish is gutted and filleted right on the beach.


Marabou stork wander throughout the chaotic scene. Restaurants serving the freshly caught fish line the beach. I managed to find a couple of marabou stork feathers to take home in my suitcase.
On the way back we pass rich agricultural lands where we see rows of green houses where roses are grown.



The transit hub town of Sashamenee serves as the home of the Rastafarians who were given land by Haile Selassie. The Lion of Judah decorates gates of many homes here.



Nearing Addis, we see a massive housing complex built by the side of the new expressway.
Traffic intensifies as we enter Addis. We slowly make our way through the chaotic afternoon rush hour to find an historic coffee house called TO.MO.CA. It’s a family owned coffee‐roasting company established in 1953. The company’ name is abbreviated from the ItalianTorrefazione Moderna Café, which directly translates as modern coffee roasting.TO.MO.CA. Coffee is the first coffee company based in Addis.
Coffee scents fill the small coffee bar and shop. A map of Ethiopia’s coffee regions decorates the wall. I bought a bit of coffee for home, as the prices were about half of a pound of Peet’s.
Later that evening we had dinner at the Habesha Restaurant, where we had a large traditional buffet, with injera, of course, and traditional dancers with an amazing ability to do the Eskista, the Ethiopian traditional shoulder dance.
Check out this youtube example.
Tonight the tour is over. Tomorrow a free day in Addis.




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