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Marilyn Geary

2015 Jan Day 12 The Lakes


Today we leave Addis in a caravan of 5 Land Rovers for the south. Once out of Addis’ congested suburbs, we make great headway on the new expressway.


Animals cause some delays. Along with cattle, sheep and goats, we encounter nomadic camel herders.
And hay piled high.
We arrive for lunch at Lake Zeway, where we eat fried fish at the Hotel Bethleham. Before lunch we roam down to dirt and gravel road to the lake, where we come across fishermen creating fillets from their catch of the day.


And we see an enormous flock of Marabou Storks, each about 4 feet tall. They are known as “the undertakers” for the creepy way they slither and slink when they walk.
These kids are picking and eating the flesh off the bones of the fish that have been filleted by the fishermen.
Kids throw fish parts to the Marabou, who hack and claw at each other for the tidbits.
The main transport for the villagers: horse drawn carts. They carry everything from people to hay to fish. We have to be careful as we walk down the road to avoid the quick moving carts.


We finally arrive at The Sabana Resort on Lake Langano. It’s a beautiful place with bungalows overlooking the lake. My roommate New Zealander Jennifer and I decide to go kayaking on the lake. It’s great fun to get out on the lake and do some rowing in the kayaks. It’s been a long time without serious exercise.


Here’s the boat man who services the kayaks. Although we had the choice of a 3-person kayak, we each took an individual kayak. Once again I’m approaching the edge, as I haven’t gone kayaking for at least a decade, and I wasn’t sure how well I could navigate the lake. Yes I can!


Tomorrow we’re moving further down south.



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