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Journeys Illuminating the Old Ways

Marilyn Geary

2015 Jan Day 18 to Turmi



We left Jinka this morning to drive to Turmi. On the way we stop at the D. Market, where people primarily from the Hamer tribe come to buy, sell and congregate. They do not have much at the market, primarily coffee, Marengo a type of vegetation somewhat like spinach I have been earring for breakfast, piles of red powder the Hamer women use to redden their bodies and their hair, and some butter packed in tin cans,


The Hamer are less aggressive than the Mursi, and although most expect to be paid for photos, they are less demanding. It’s a colorful market with the woman dressed in brown furs and laden down with iron jewelry, the men tall and stately with colorful headbands, neckbands and leg bands.


This man has a clay headdress which has holes for placing feathers.





After lunch of roasted chicken, the first delicious meal in over a week, we visit a Hamer village.



We were able to enter into one of the huts. This woman is grinding sorghum.




A group of the Hamer women.
The iron necklaces indicate that this woman is married and the top one with the beads sticking out indicates that she is the first wife.


A lot of the Hamer women and children were fascinated with my beaded bracelet, which made for a good ‘conversation’ starter.
We stay tonight in Turmi, the Buska Lodge, where we have no internet, and no electricity except for a few hours each day.










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