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Journeys Illuminating the Old Ways

Marilyn Geary

2015 Jan Day16 From Arba Minch to Jinka




Today we visit a Konso Village. The Konso people build beehive huts with a bamboo base and the false banana as a covering.

Inside the huts they sleep with their animals.



The false banana does not produce any fruit, but the Konso use it to create a paste which they ferment for several months, then bake into a bread.

The Konso are known for their weaving. The women spin and the men weave.
Next we visited the afar xxxx market, where else people from various tribes come to buy, sell, and meet each other. A fascinating market where not much is for sale, but lots of people to watch. I bought a Mursi necklace covered in red mud. It will be wonderful cleaned up.
A Mursi woman strips leaves from the morengo plant, which cooked up is like spinach.


A Ari or Bannon woman. Ethiopia has over 80 distinct ethnic groups, each with its own language and culture.
Kids on stilts by the roadside look for tourists to pay for their antics.


We forge a river to reach our tent resort. It serves as the Jinka car wash.


Tomorrow we’re off to visit a Mursi village.


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