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About Me

At the shop of a cart-maker  in Palermo, Sicily

At the shop of a carrettiera,, a cart-maker, in Palermo, Sicily

I live in the San Geronimo Valley, West Marin, California, a place of rolling hills and redwoods.  I travel as often as possible, especially to visit indigenous tribes, traditional cultures, and local festivals, but I’m always happy to come back home.

As a personal historian, I record and write life stories. I am author of Marin City Memories, voices of African-Americans who migrated from the Deep South to Sausalito to work in the shipyards during World War II.

I’ve started this blog thanks to my friend and colleague Lauren Dunbar of Memoria Stories, who, upon hearing I was traveling to Italy, prodded me to keep her and others informed of my journey. Lauren’s urging prompted me to develop this framework, which can hold both past trips and those to come.

A cattle ranch in San Geronimo Valley

A cattle ranch in San Geronimo Valley

I have such good fortune to live in a place where people have worked hard to preserve the natural setting. Just over White Hill the urban corridor of Marin County can get clogged with traffic, but here in the San Geronimo Valley, it’s another world, peaceful and bucolic. It’s always a pleasure to return home to the sanctuary of this valley, where the landmark of Spirit Rock draws seekers from far and wide.

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