Marilyn Geary

Journeys Illuminating the Old Ways

Marilyn Geary

Day1 – Cairo

Middle East

Arriving early morning in Cairo, the sun made a red blot on the horizon.

Driving into Cairo from the airport, we passed a massive military academy that stretched on seemingly forever. Once a an Olympic site, its walls are decorated with murals, including an image of a scribe who is also on one of the Egyptian pound bills.

We passed a mosque which the guide said was a replica of an even larger one.

On the way we see men both in plainclothes and

in uniform securing the streets as the Egyptian president is apparently going to drive by at some point. The rows of men, positioned every few yards, seem to go on forever. The driver points out other guards watching up in the balconies and roofs of nearby buildings.

My hotel room has a beautiful view of the Nile. Unfortunately it appears to be impossible to take a walk along side. I’m too tired in any case, so I shower and sleep away the afternoon.

In the evening we go out to dinner, passing along the way these young Egyptians in typical garb exhibiting typical behavior.

It’s possible to walk along the Nile here. After sunset the boats on the Nile light up with a very pretty effect.

We have dinner at the National Museum of Civilization, which is a very new museum not totally finished yet.

The meal was quite tasty, especially, surprisingly, the rice.

Tomorrow it’s off to Giza and the pyramids.

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