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Street musicians in Xian, China

Street musicians in Xian, China

Over the past decade, I’ve traveled to┬áBolivia, Mali, Mexico, Bali and many other far off places. I’m drawn to the arts and handicrafts of peoples firmly rooted in traditions that are endangered by today’s rapid globalization. So often artisans say that the younger generation is not interested in learning the ancient crafts. It is a joy to see young people interested in perpetuating the traditional arts of their culture.

In this blog, I plan to track my travels and hope in a small way to help highlight traditional artisans and art forms before they are totally lost. Foods and festivals also make for unforgettable travel, so I’ll include pieces on them too. I’ve post-dated my entries to record the timing of my trips.

I’ve recorded my more recent travels in daily journal entries.


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